Event Cancellation/Attendance Policy

Rationale – The policy will help SLAR reduce costs by:

  • Guaranteeing a more accurate number of anticipated attendees for each event. Guarantees are typically required several days prior to each event to ensure that there is ample food and beverages and that enough space has been allotted for the attendees. This estimated attendance cannot be reduced after the deadline, and therefore, the association is required to pay for attendees whether they attend the event or not.
  • A significant number of staff hours are utilized to track registrations, process cancellations and refunds, and collect outstanding balances for no-shows and unpaid registration fees.

Cancellation/Attendance Policy

It is SLAR’s policy to charge $25 to those registered attendees who do not provide written cancellation notice within 24 hours of an event.

Event cancellations will only be accepted in written form via email up to 24 hours prior to the start of the event, unless otherwise stated on the event registration form. Phone cancellations will NOT be accepted.

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